DVANA Open Chester Office

Boosting Business Productivity in Cheshire


DVANA opens new Chester office, a Perfect Launchpad for GREAT.

Management Consultancy, DVANA, has announced the opening of a new office at the Chester Business Park in Chester.

The new offices in Chester complement the launch of GREAT and the GREAT Endeavour which DVANA launched at the beginning of last month.

Managing director Dr Katherine Bean PhD said “This is an excellent opportunity for DVANA and our partners to work together more closely. With the new office being so close to the major business areas of the northwest, we will be much better able to help our partners.”

She added “Companies like GREAT because it gives them more control, less wasted time in meetings and just as importantly, it gives real world results. Being in the heart of things is always good for business.”

GREAT is delivered by independent consultants and training providers, with DVANA directly supporting its delivery at training and in practice.

Dr Bean added, “As a consultant, I work with senior management and their chosen representatives on a specific area of the business to look at building exceptional businesses by implementing new processes, procedures and utilising technology. We provides on-site and off-site training and consulting, and the process of GREAT helps solve the really hard problems so our clients don't have to.”

More information on GREAT and DVANA can be found at dvana.com.

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