GREAT is a revolution in business productivity.

GREAT is a fabulous way for businesses or teams within a business, to look at any situation and work through a structured process to achieve their goal.

The stages of GREAT collectively are known as a GREAT Endeavour. Who doesn’t want to work on a GREAT Endeavour?

GREAT is something that you can use in your own business quickly and simply. All it takes is a day of training which will get you up to speed on GREAT. From there, you just make your business better, more profitable and more efficient. That’s what GREAT gives you.

A GREAT Endeavour is proactive, it encourages transparent collaboration between team members and most importantly, it gets high quality accurate results.

There are a number of organizations that can help you by either running a course or by providing Consulting Services.

A full list of third party providers will be made available soon.

GREAT is made up of five areas of expertise:

  • GREAT Practitioner
  • GREAT Trainer
  • GREAT Master Practitioner
  • GREAT Master Practitioner Specialist, in one of a number of specialisms.
  • GREAT Master Trainer

Each area of expertise brings something unique to your GREAT Endeavour.

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