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Value Proposition Canvas

2019 Mar 28

A blank Value Proposition Canvas to fill out and use within your business.

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Value Proposition Canvas Process

2018 May 15

An illustrated Value Proposition Canvas showing the correct way to fill out the canvas. Always put yourself in the customers shoes.

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Why Use a Consultant?

2018 May 15

Part 3 of the Consultants Series - Why use a consultant? The answer is easy and obvious. See the article on Dunning-Kruger first.

Explaining More About Consultant Levels

2018 Apr 24

Part 2 of the Consultants Series - From feedback, we spend a little time looking more into the different levels of consultants.

Grants for Manufacturing Projects

2018 Apr 04

There is money available for Projects, have you gone out and got yours?

What is a Consultant?

2018 Feb 20

Part 1 of the Consultants Series - Here we focus on the basics, and answer the question, what is a consultant? The answer might surprise you.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect on Productivity

2018 Feb 06

How the Dunning-Kruger effect affects business and what you can do about it.

The Productivity Crisis: Analysis and Solutions

2017 Jun 27

A look at the current productivity crisis, it's cause and what can be practically done about it.

UK Parliament Email Hack

2017 Jun 26

A comment on the hack over the weekend on the UK parliament email system and what you can do about it.

System Build: Ryzen 7 Build Parts Lists

2017 Jun 26

Get some ideas and pre-designed systems, ready for you to assemble into high performance AMD Ryzen 7 system.

Case Study: Security Codebooks

2017 May 22

A case study on how Security Codebooks can be used in a professional services context, with specific application to accountants. Feel free to print and distribute as necessary. (4MB pdf)

WannaCrypt Update

2017 May 14

A summary of the situation and what can be done now and in the future to protect your systems from future attacks.

Bad Passwords of 2016

2017 Feb 02

A quick look at the most common passwords of 2016 and why you should not use them.

Bad Passwords of 2015

2016 Jan 22

A quick look at the most common passwords of 2015 and why you should not use them.

Simple Debt Repayment Accelerator

2015 Dec 18

A FREE and simple way to repay debts without all the stress and hassle. See how it work, grab a copy and become debt free!

The Training Fallacy

2015 Aug 17

Common wisdom suggests that the best approach with new software is to allow employees to learn the changes in their own time at home. Today, we challenge that notion and show how to add real value.

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

2015 Aug 01

A nice single page which contains all the new Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts. Simply Print and use to speed up your use of Windows 10.

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Boosting Productivity

2015 Jul 21

Much has been written about productivity recently and why it's not improving. See some of the pitfalls and simple ways of improving the situation.

SEO in the Marketing Mix

2015 Mar 30

Search engine optimisation should not be considered in isolation. It should be part of a comprehensive digital and online strategy.

5 More Reasons to Utilize SEO

2015 Mar 25

There are many reasons to use SEO as part of your online marketing strategy, here, we look at 5 more factors, which might just nudge you into using the technique.

SEO: Why Bother?

2015 Mar 03

A quick look into why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important and how it can help your business.

Psychological Hysteresis

2015 Feb 05

Psychological Hysteresis can affect any organization, group or team. It's straightforward to identify and combat, once you identify it.

14 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Data Secure

2015 Jan 26

In this article we present 14 different ways that you can keep your mobile data secure. All of them should be utilized at all times as a business and personal necessity.

Keeping Data Safe in the Cloud - Part 2

2015 Jan 19

In part 2, we continue our look into some of the issues which apply to smaller businesses when thinking about deploying into the cloud. In this short article we consider some of the practical solutions.

Keeping Data Safe in the Cloud - Part 1

2015 Jan 12

Smaller businesses in particular have some important issues to consider when thinking about deploying into the cloud. In this short article we consider some of the most pressing.

The Success Cycle

2014 Dec 08

Every business, organization, group or team passes through The Success Cycle. It's only a matter of where in the cycle you are at any one point.

SECCON - Security Condition

2014 Nov 13

SECCON is the security equivalent of a DEFCON. They are used in the event of a data breach to marshal activities and in training to practice.

Email: The Silent Killer of Success

2014 Oct 20

Email is the Silent Killer, not only of your success, but of your productivity and ability to go home at the end of the day. See how to get more done and go home earlier.

5 Reasons to Do SEO

2014 Oct 14

Five key reasons why you should be utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as part of your online strategy.

The Breakthough Solution to Administratium

2014 Oct 01

In 2014, the crack team of business and management experts at DVANA created a solution to this worldwide scourge. Find out what we did and how to apply it to your business.

Newseum: Retail of the Future

2014 Sep 17

A thought leadership article written with a view of the future of retail and the implications of current implicit choices.

An Introduction to DUMP - STOP - BAR

2014 Aug 07

This is a security framework which will help businesses with Data Security issues and breaches. Adopt the framework and be in better shape for the future.

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Data Security Levels: A Definition

2014 Jul 12

A White Paper, dealing with the need for Data Security and how to classify the security of data within a business process, ideal for Managers and Executives to understand their processes.

Disk Redundancy (RAID)

2014 Apr 02

A Primer for Business, ideal for the busy executive who needs to be able to understand key terms and concepts.

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