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Speed Bugs

When an anomalous bit of code, or bug, is encountered when running at speed, rather than during debug, this is called a “Speed Bug”.

Usage: Oh, we never saw that speed bug coming.

Assumption in Disaster

Assumptions are at the root of all disasters.

We can attribute the root cause of most failures to an assumption, which proved to be false.

Business Profits

A business does NOT have profits, it has expenses!

All of the profits of a business comes from adding value to its clients.

Work-Life Integration

This is distinct from Work-Life Balance. Many business owners, senior manager and executives should focus on Work-Life Integration, that is getting work and home blended together to make them a seamless whole.

As part of this process, vacation time must be blocked out and have no work component.

Work-Life Integration is about making home and work as effective as possible and accepting the inevitable need that the two will overlap and so a holistic approach is needed.

The Right Tool

There is not always a right tool for the job, but usually there are many wrong tools and some that will work. Todays’ quote is:

When you need to change a wheel, the wrong tool is a sieve.

Katherine Bean PhD at SQLBits XIV


A TemporalStamp is used to separate the Temporal Data from the underlying control information. Both are needed.

The TemporalStamp gives all the advanced functionality. It turns a regular dataset into something special.

Temporally Safe

To be Temporally Safe, data must:

  1. Have a Temporal Stamp
  2. Never have been modified
  3. Must never have been deleted or recreated

All data must preserve its full history, by never updating an existing item, only by adding new items. This preserves the time series nature of the data.


A Temporal Database or TemporalDB™ is a data store in which the data is always kept with reference to time.

Data is accessed at a point in time. We ask the question of the data “What was it at time x.” So the business can always know how the data looked.

This solves many of the data processing problems that currently exist.

Action Book

The Action Book is a predetermined set of actions which are performed in the event of a trigger condition. It should be kept updated with the latest information. It is the go to source for your response.

Authentication as a Service (AaaS)

First up, this is pronounced ass, like the donkey! Not ideal, but that’s where we end up.

Authentication as a Service is where a third party, such as DVANA offer an authentication system used by others. The authentication function is either held entirely or partly by the third party. An example would be multi-factor authentication, where part of it is processed by someone else. This would make the system harder to hack as there are multiple points which need breaching.

Cash Separator

Usually a product, but can be a service, which is typically sold as an addition to the product you were originally buying.

The meaning is that it separates the purchaser from their cash or money. Hence, Cash Separator!

The Dictionaries Dilemma

How to you know how to find something you don’t already know?

This is the Dictionary Dilemma, how to find the spelling of a word you cannot spell.

How do you find a solution to a problem you cannot articulate!

Task Storm

A task storm occurs when you have too many tasks to complete. This could be because the rate of new tasks arriving is greater than that rate of task completion.

Typically, it leads to stress and a worsening of job performance and productivity, making the situation worse.

Katherine’s Law of Resources

Activities quickly expand to consume all the available resources.

For example, as broadband speed increases, so does the use of broadband, with dialup internet, there was no video, now video is everywhere. Faster broadband means better quality video, etc. This absorption of capabilities occurs across all resource usages.


Is a little play on words, but the intention is that for every activity there is something precise that will fill that gap.

All too often there is a one size fits all when really there is a vast selection of technologies which can be tailored and used to address the exact situation or problem.

Perception Blindness

When a point of view is taken to be the only possible point of view, this is perception blindness. In all situations, there are many possible perspectives which need to be considered.

See all the possibilities and see the world from many different angles.


Just a Bunch of Keys, this refers to the key columns in a database table. The expression is used for either keys in a table or keys within a database. It is rarely used to refer to keys within multiple databases.


Just a Bunch of Indexes, this refers to the index columns in a database table. The expression is used for either indexes on a table or indexes within a database. It is rarely used to refer to indexes within multiple databases.

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