What is a Security Codebook?

A security codebook is an easy way of having a lot of secure passwords at your fingertips. They contain pages of pre-generated passwords. Each password is then identified with a section and a reference. In this case the sections are wall named colours, such as red, blue or green and the reference is a number.

This gives the unique identification for a password e.g. green 123. This unique reference is easy to remember and is of course safe to wind down, because it is not the password it is only a reference to the password in your Security Codebook.

As an added benefit, it is easy for a company to use a Security Codebook to enforce a password policy, as the passwords already meet the complexity requirements and remove the difficulty people have in choosing a new strong password.

How Does a Security Codebook Work?

Each security codebook contains 100’s or 1,000’s of strong passwords. They system works, by you choosing a single password from your Security Codebook. Since all the Security Codebooks are unique, nobody will have the same set of passwords you have. So, even if someone knows you are using a Security Codebook, without your exact codebook they have nothing.

There are Security Codebooks for different purposes, with different strength of passwords, the longer and stronger passwords are obviously harder to enter, but more secure.

Why Would I Need One?

A Security Codebook is a perfect way of ensuring a consistent password policy for a business or organization. As everyone has their own Security Codebook, each team member can have the same reference, colour and number, but that corresponds to a different password. This makes the system more secure overall.

It is also hard to make a consistently complex password that is easy to type and hard to crack, that’s why DVANA created the Kryptor10 system, so you don’t have to, simply look up the password and be done. Save time and effort.

Why Not Use a Password Generator?

A password generator in general, can produce a strong password. However, a password generator will usually make that password out of random letters and numbers etc., with no regard as to how easy that is to type in or remember. A Security Codebook is designed to be both easy to type in and easer to remember.

How Would I Use One?

Once you have downloaded and printed out your new Security Codebook:

  1. delete the original electronic copy
  2. go to DVANA’s website dvana.com/security
  3. choose the Passkey Selector page
  4. select the correct Security Codebook you have from the list
  5. Generate a new PassKey

Find that PassKey in your Security Codebook and that will be your new password until it is time to change.

When you need to change the password, repeat steps 2-5. It’s as simple as that. Use the Passkey Selector as often as necessary with each and any of your Security Codebooks.

How Much Do They Cost?

A Security Codebook will cost anywhere between nothing and £14.99. The Security Codebook Workstation is £4.99, or about the price of two cups of coffee at your favourite coffee house. The Security Codebook Server is £9.99 or about four cups of coffee and the Security Codebook Infrastructure is £14.99 or about 6 cups of coffee.

They cost so little, it would be criminal not to have one for each system that needs protecting.

Is There a Monthly Fee?

No, a Security Codebook is a onetime purchase, it can be used as often as you need. It has no expiration, so keep using it.

DVANA recommend that a Security Codebook Workstation for each team member for their in-office systems and a Security Codebook Server for all their online accounts, since the online is still accessing a server.

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