DVANA's Cyber War Academy™ is your one-stop-shop for security training and experience. Gain actual experience in a controlled environment to see how your processes and procedures cope in a simulated attack.

By enabling you to experience an attack in a safe environment, we are able to help you face the unknown when an actual attack happens. To be prepared is to be for armed. This is your preparation.

Each engagement is designed, prepared and executed especially for you. We setup the environment to replicate a portion of your system, and then take it from there. By utilizing all the latest technology and methods, we can train you repeatedly on a scenario, so you can beat the attackers. Practice makes perfect, or at least gives you a fighting chance.

How Does It Work

This is an inclusive process, we all work together. This is not penetration testing of your existing system, this is training on the unknown threat.

Typically there are two ways we approach this:

  1. We utilize your existing process and procedures to determine where there might be weaknesses or holes. From there, we devise a set of war games. After each round we update the methods or the attackers and defenders. We do this, because nothing remains static.
  2. We start with your existing process and procedure, update them with all the knowledge of the Cyber War Academy and then more forward with the war games. Then iterate as in the first case.

Where we start depends on the organization and their internal confidences.

When Should It Be Done

It is always better to conduct these trials, exercises and war games before a system breach has occurred. Better yes, but not always practical. In the event that you have already been breached, we will incorporate that information and knowledge into your scenarios.

Confidentiality Guarantee

Under no circumstances, will DVANA ever mention that you have participated in our Cyber War Academy. No details of current or past academy members will be divulged. Ever!

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