If, like DVANA, you appreciate that having strong passwords is the foundation to good cybersecurity, then you too take the security of your systems seriously. This means, you will have:

  • A password policy which is rigorously enforced
  • Strong passwords, that exceed the minimum
  • A focus on training and education

With that in mind, let’s have a look at Security Codebooks and see how they can help you need your security needs.

The Security Codebooks will meet all your Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and PCI DSS requirements. They were designed for this purpose. The minimum password length for the workstation Security Codebooks is 12 characters, which meets the Cyber Essentials criteria without multi-factor authentication or 2-factor authentication. Guaranteeing you are meeting the requirements and your users and systems are safe.

What do you want to Secure?

  • For applications that require only words, no symbols use Security Codebook Triple.
  • For switches, routers, storage appliances or firewalls choose Security Codebook Infrastructure.
  • To secure online services and servers, choose Security Codebook Server
  • Use the Security Codebook Workstation to secure PCs and workstations or when mobile friendly is important.
  • To try a codebook and get a feel for it, use the Security Codebook Free, but only low value accounts.

When your security requirements mean that ease of remembering is important, then choose the Security Codebook Triple codebook, as it contains only words, no symbols and no numbers. Making it the easiest to remember. However, if you require numbers and symbols, then choose one of the other options. Be safe in the knowledge that they are all PCI DSS v4.0, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus compliant.

How to use Security Codebooks

The process of using the Security Codebooks is simple. Use the Passkey Selector with your chosen Security Codebook and it will choose the section and number for you. Or, you can do this yourself. But make sure it is random.

For so called "break glass" accounts, choose the colour and number and store that in a sealed envelope in the safe. That way, someone needs to know the code and number, plus they also need to know the correct Security Codebook. One more way of keeping your important accounts, systems and data safe.

Company Orders

If you would like to place a larger order, for more than 3 Security Codebooks, then please contact DVANA and we’ll arrange an invoice and for the Security Codebook Claim Codes to be delivered directly to you. This speeds up the process and empowers team members, to be in control of their own cybersecurity. All the while, this process is complying with company security policy.

Passkey Selector

Use the Passkey Selector to take the guesswork out of choosing a new Password from your Security Codebook.

The selector will choose and new Section Colour and Reference for you, making the choice of a new password simple and quick.

Generate a new Security Passkey with the Passkey Selector for your Security Codebook.

Next Steps

Start using the Security Codebooks and enhance your security while easing the burden on you teams.

Or, book a security audit and move your cybersecurity to the next level.

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