SECCONs denote a Security Condition.

DVANA recommends the use of exercise terms when referring to the SECCONs during training or practice. This is to preclude the possibility of confusing exercise commands with actual operational commands. The are always used in conjunction with a Run Book.


Response Condition Exercise Term Description Activity Colour
SECCON 1 INFERNO Security breach is confirmed and active Maximum security activity         Red
SECCON 2 BURNT PEACH Intrusion suspected, confirmation in progress Detection & confirmation         Orange
SECCON 3 DAFFODIL Increasing intrusion risk, active attempts Threats actively monitored         Yellow
SECCON 4 BLUE SKY Hightened risk of intrusion, no active attempts Above normal security activity         Blue
SECCON 5 WONDERLAND Normal activity Routine         Green



Response Condition SECCON 1
Exercise Term INFERNO
Description Security breach is confirmed and active
Activity Maximum security activity
Colour         Red


Response Condition SECCON 2
Exercise Term BURNT PEACH
Description Intrusion suspected, confirmation in progress
Activity Detection & confirmation
Colour         Orange


Response Condition SECCON 3
Exercise Term DAFFODIL
Description Increasing intrusion risk, active attempts
Activity Threats actively monitored
Colour         Yellow


Response Condition SECCON 4
Exercise Term BLUE SKY
Description Hightened risk of intrusion, no active attempts
Activity Above normal security activity
Colour         Blue


Response Condition SECCON 5
Exercise Term WONDERLAND
Description Normal activity
Activity Routine
Colour         Green

Use the Exercise Term when conducting a training drill or in simulation.
Use the Response Conditions when an actual event is underway. Always ensure clarity, time will always be short.


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