Keeping Data Safe in the Cloud - Part 2

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How to Maintain Integrity and Data Safety in the Cloud


No business in the world is 100% immune to every kind of danger. But, to discourage any untoward situation and minimize the danger of being attacked by hackers you need to apply a wide-ranging and use the strongest tactics to tackle them.

Here are a few effective data security measures for businesses that use the cloud:

Choose a Strong Password for Your Data Storage

This is the most important measure to take towards securing your data in the cloud. You must have a strong password that no one can easily guess. Try incorporating different characters including upper case as well as lower case letters. Also, use special symbols and numbers for it. Make sure that your password is over 16 characters long. It is also fine to use a sentence. Do not use a single word followed by a number!

Provide a Limited Access to Your Staff Members

Third-party cloud vendors as well as your staff members should have limited access to your data. Give them limited access to the data that is only relevant to them. You may discuss with your provider about the encryption keys to make sure that the access is restricted.

Backup All Your Sensitive Files

Try to backup your sensitive files with additional security than other lower risk files. In the event of an attack by a hacker or system crash your files will be safe.

Separate Your Personal Data from That of Business Data

This principle is not limited to professional occupations. When the data uploaded to the cloud is about employees or clients, then there is an additional reason to make it secure. Try to be candid to your employees about what shall be stored in the cloud and what is not. Always make sure they understand why, so that mistakes do not happen.

There Must Be a Strong Encryption Plan

To make sure that your data is not infringed by an anonymous person your encryption must be of highest level. The authentication process must be secure and robust. This will keep it out of the reach of a hacker.

Don’t Upload Too Much Sensitive Material to the Cloud

No security system in the world is 100% secure, especially when it comes to cloud storage. Thus, it is important that you don’t upload to the cloud material which is very sensitive, personal or confidential.


Though cloud storage may not be completely secure yet, it is far better option when compared to traditional methods like physical fences, locks and simple security parameters. As hackers are developing new techniques and methods to hack your data online, being proactive with your security measures is the first port of call.


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