Loaded up and ready for action

Status Dashboard

Keep on top of your tweeting, know exactly what’s happening. Therefore, you always have access to the latest status. Showing the:

  • status of the last three tweets
  • time of the last tweet
  • tweets remaining
  • Twitter user sending the tweets
  • Queue status

In short, everything you need to know.

Setup the queues to your needs

Precise Control

You choose when things happen & when they don’t. You can control the:

  • time zone in which the queue operates
  • time it wakes up and starts tweeting
  • time it shuts down and stops tweeting
  • maximum number of tweets it will send in a day
  • how long it waits between tweets

Part of our proprietary scheduling system, the Tweeter will try and space your tweets throughout the day, so keep the maximum time high, this gives it maximum control and flexibility.

Organize, tweak & manage

Perfect Arrangement

It’s easy to manage the tweets in a queue:

  • copy tweets out of the queue
  • paste them into the queue (at the bottom)
  • import tweets from a file
  • reorder the tweets by hand
  • randomize the tweets in the queue

Try randomizing them several times, then tweak the order by hand, that way, you know exactly what order they’ll be sent out. Making you look good.

Free Trial

If you’d like to try the DVANA World Wide Tweeter FREE for 7 days, then we offer a fully functional Trial Mode, which lets you use the program, get a feel for it to see if it works for you. Please note, some of the limits are reduced in Trial Mode. This protects the program and other users from those who’d abuse it. Please be assured, the activation of the software lifts the limits.

DownloadDVANA World Wide Tweeter for a FREE7-day trial.
Mobile phone safe & friendly.

DVANA World Wide Tweeter

Purchase License

Finished your Trial and need a license to run the program to its fullest potential? Then simply pay with PayPal and we’ll send you all the licensing information you need.

Send tweets all day long without the trial limits! Remember, you’ll still need to write unique tweets.

Buy a license to activate the full potential and power of
DVANA World Wide Tweeter for only

No Monthly Fee, Instant Access & Updates Included *
* version 2

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