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DVANA designed the Simple Debt Repayment Accelerator (S-DRA) to get you debt free. It works equally well for an individual, a family or business. The most important thing is to recognize that there is a debt issue and to utilize the S-DRA to clear off the debts.

Easy Spending

We all know how very easy it is to spend money, on things we want, things we’d like to have, things we’ve been pressured into getting by; advertising, friends or family. Deep down we all know this isn’t a good situation, but it’s so tempting and so easy. Besides, everyone else is doing it! Right?

We, at DVANA, are noted for our innovative thinking and creative solutions to problems large and small and to that end, we have devised the Simple Debt Repayment Accelerator, which is a structured method of reducing debts by incorporating a Step-by-Step Worksheet, which produces a debt free future, simply by following the easy steps.


The S-DRA removes debts one at a time, each building on the last. This gives the boost.

The Simple Debt Repayment Accelerator works through the mathematical process of compounding. This is exactly the same system used when calculating the total amount of interest paid. We’re simply using it in our favour, which is what we want. An advantage.

Once you’ve made the initial commitment and the additional money is set aside, then the process becomes compounding, the more you pay off, the faster you get to pay off the debt. You pay the debt off faster by gathering less interest, which in turn pays of the debt faster as it is smaller. This cycle gives us the benefits. It starts slowly and then speeds up.

Real World

Of course, early repayment of a debt is not always possible, as sometimes there are early repayment penalties. In this case follow the Steps, but ensure that any additional monies are placed into a Savings Account, which can then be used as a lump sum at the end.

As a way of helping the community, DVANA would like to give away our Simple Debt Repayment Accelerator. You are free to use it yourself, give it to your friends, family and business colleagues. You can even use it as the foundation of a comprehensive fee based course or as a stand-alone free course whichever you choose.

This is one more way DVANA is helping to Build Exceptional Businesses.

Merry Christmas and we wish you a Debt Free New Year and Prosperous Future.


The Simple Debt Repayment Accelerator (S-DRA) is free to download, print and use as often as you want.

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