Course Overview

Would you like to improve your Excel skills? Come along to this fabulous Excel course - it’s packed full of Excel Tricks & Tips!

You’ll discover some amazing features that will allow you to fly through setting collaboration, data analysis and complex workflows!

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is intended for those who are already using Excel and would like to expand their knowledge and be able to work super efficiently with Excel.

What does the course offer me?

You’ll gain the skills and practical knowledge to use Excel more effectively, to get your work done faster and will less hassle. These are skills for life.

What do I take away?

Practical experience with the different features we cover in Excel and the tips and hints we go through in the class.

Course Outline

Each delegate receives a complete set of high quality notes already printed.

1 - Streamlining Workflow

  • Create a Macro
  • Edit a Macro
  • Apply Conditional Formatting
  • Add Data Validation Criteria
  • Update a Workbooks Properties
  • Modify Excel’s Default settings

2 - Collaborating with Others

  • Protect Files
  • Share a Workbook
  • Set Revision Tracking
  • Review Tracked Revisions
  • Merge Workbooks
  • Adjust Macro Settings
  • Administer Digital Signatures
  • Restrict Document Access

3 - Auditing Worksheets

  • Trace Cells
  • Troubleshoot Errors in Formulas
  • Troubleshoot Invalid Data and Formulas
  • Watch and Evaluate Formulas
  • Create a data list outline

4 - Analysing Data

  • Create a Trendline
  • Create Scenarios
  • Perform What if Analysis
  • Perform Statistical analysis with the analysis Toolpak

5 - Working with Multiple Workbooks

  • Create a Workspace
  • Consolidate Data
  • Link Cells in Different Workbooks
  • Edit links

6 - Importing and Exporting Data

  • Export to Microsoft word
  • Import a delimited text File

7 - Using Excel with the web

  • Publish a Workbook to the web
  • Import data from the web
  • Create a web query

8 - Structuring XML Workbooks

  • Develop XML Maps
  • Import, add and Export XML Data

Throughout the course we will cover the jargon and correct terms, so you can use them efficiently, as we discuss your individual questions.


Excel 2016 - Advanced

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Class Size

To give you the best learning outcome, we try to limit classes as follows:

  • Min: 4
  • Max: 12

When a class is too large, we split it into two smaller classes. This maximizes your learning, with your co-workers and colleagues.


We make the general assumption that you’ll provide your own computer, laptop etc.

If you need to use one of our computers, please mention it when you book, as there is a nominal extra charge.

We supply everything else, including high quality printed materials.


This is a one day course. Delivered either on your site or at an off-site location.

Typically, we start at about 09:30 and work through the day until finished.

Adequate time is allowed for breaks, lunch, questions and individual tuition.

Please feel free to share this around your social networks.

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