DVANA creates an innovation in business process engineering.


Business and Management Consultancy, DVANA, has announced a new business process engineering and re-engineering system, called the GoldenKog.

With the need to drive businesses to be more productive, it is often necessary to update and change operational processes and procedures. The GoldenKog is just such a method; it enables businesses to engineer new processes and/or to re-engineer existing processes making them as efficient and effective as possible.

“We created the GoldenKog originally for our own use, as we have this unique and innovative insight into business and with all the recent talk about the UK falling behind in productivity terms, we felt now was the right time to make it more widely available. To that end, therefore, we’ve just created a Professional Course, which will teach the method to others so they can use it directly within their business and not just rely on DVANA to implement the GoldenKog on their behalf. This is how businesses truly shine, by helping others,” said Dr Katherine Bean PhD, Managing Director at DVANA.

She added, “We have the technology and it seemed only right that we share it with other enterprises to help them move forward. Being innovative is what we do, so helping others become more productive and efficient is in everyone’s long term interest.” The GoldenKog Professional Course is now available on the DVANA website at https://dvana.com/>, there are links from the Courses Section or at https://dvana.com/courses/goldenkog>.

Dr Bean added, “DVANA provide a wide range of products, services and tools to help businesses grow. Our training solutions are designed to make your business better.”

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