A GREAT Master Trainer has achieved the deepest level of understanding of GREAT and they are experts at teaching it to others.

A GREAT Master Trainer will have studied all the basic tools, will understand how to put them into advanced practice and will teach them to all parts of the GREAT Ecosystem. They will show GREAT Master Trainer how to develop their skills and gain a deeper insight into GREAT.

A GREAT Master Trainer will typically devise a training programme and schedule for an organization. This means they will assess the balance of skills required at each of the different levels and ensure that any and all specialisations are accounted for.

A GREAT Master Trainer is authorized to teach any of the following:

  • GREAT Practitioner
  • GREAT Trainer
  • GREAT Master Practitioner
  • GREAT Master Trainer
  • GREAT Master Practitioner Specialist for their specialisms


Select individuals:

  • A specialist consultant
  • A senior trainer
  • A senior manager
  • A director or the C-suite

A GREAT Master Trainer is able to work with DVANA to extend GREAT into a specialism, in this case they will become a GREAT Collaborator in their specialism. Only a GREAT Master Trainer is afforded this privileged.


By attending a GREAT Master Trainer training course, either on-site at your company or alternatively at an off-site location.

Find a GREAT Master Trainer from our list of certified GREAT Master Trainers, and find one which best suits your needs. All of the registration, certification and examination is handled directly by DVANA.


Up on successfully completing the course, you will become a GREAT Master Trainer and be rewarded with official registration and certification.


A note is kept of which GREAT Master Trainer taught you and is maintained by DVANA.

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