A GREAT Master Practitioner has a deeper understanding of the concepts and application of GREAT. They are able to apply their insight and knowledge in a new way, on more complex GREAT Endeavours and with greater efficiency.

A GREAT Master Practitioner has studied the basic tools, mastered them, and has taken them to a whole new level. They are able to use the familiar tools in new and more productive ways.

A GREAT Master Practitioner must be taught by a GREAT Master Trainer. You are encouraged to check the registration and certification status of your GREAT Master Trainer before you begin a class.

They will typically guide GREAT Practitioners in the GREAT Endeavour and provide additional insight and expertize to Practitioners and the Senior Management.


Select individuals within:

  • Independent consultants
  • Mid-level managers
  • Senior managers
  • Director or the C-suite


By attending a GREAT Master Practitioner training course, either on-site at your company or alternatively at an off-site location.

Find a GREAT Master Trainer from our list of certified GREAT Master Trainers, and find one which best suits your needs. All of the registration, certification and examination is handled directly by DVANA.


Up on successfully completing the course, you will become a GREAT Master Practitioner and be rewarded with official registration and certification.


A note is kept of which GREAT Master Trainer taught you and is maintained by DVANA.

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