Course Overview

Would you like to take your Access skills to the next level? Come along to this fabulous Access course - it’s packed full of Tricks & Tips for Access 2010!

You’ll discover some amazing features that will allow you to fly through becoming more effective and efficient with Access!

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is intended for those who are already using Access and would like to expand their knowledge and be able to work much more effectively with Access 2010.

What does the course offer me?

You’ll gain the skills and practical knowledge to use Access more effectively, to get your work done faster and will less stress. These are skills for life.

What do I take away?

Practical experience with the different features we cover in Access and the tips and hints we go through in the class.

Course Outline

Each delegate receives a complete set of high quality notes already printed.

1 - Exploring the Access Environment

  • Examine database concepts
  • Explorer the user interface
  • Use an existing access database
  • Customise the access environment
  • Obtain help

2 - Designing a Database

  • Describe the relational database design process
  • Define database purpose
  • Review existing data
  • Determine fields
  • Group fields into tables
  • Normalise data
  • Designate Primary and Foreign keys
  • Determine table relationships

3 - Building a Database

  • Create a new Database
  • Create a table
  • Manage Tables
  • Create a table Relationship
  • Save a database as a previous version

4 - Managing Data in a Table

  • Modify table data
  • Sort records
  • Work with sub-datasheets

5 - Query a Database

  • Filter records
  • Create a query
  • Add criteria to a query
  • Add a calculated field to a query
  • Perform calculations on a record grouping

6 - Designing Forms

  • View data using an access form
  • Create a form
  • Modify the design of a form

7 - Generating Reports

  • View an access report
  • Create a report
  • Add a custom calculated field to a report
  • Format the controls in a report
  • Apply an autoformat style to a report
  • Prepare a report for print

8 - Controlling Data Entry

  • Restrict data entry using field properties
  • Establish a pattern for entering field values
  • Create a list of values for a field

9 - Joining Tables

  • Create query joins
  • Join unrelated tables
  • Relate data within a table

10 - Create Flexible Queries

  • Set select query properties
  • Create parameter queries
  • Create action queries

11 - Improving Forms

  • Design a form layout
  • Enhance the appearance of a form
  • Restrict data entry in forms
  • Add a command button to a form
  • Create a subform

12 - Customising Reports

  • Organise report information
  • Format the report
  • Set report control properties
  • Control report pagination
  • Summarise report information
  • Add a subreport to an existing report
  • Create a mailing label report

13 - Sharing Data Across Applications

  • Import data into access
  • Export data
  • Analyse access data in Excel
  • Export data to a text file
  • Merge access data with a word document

Throughout the course we will cover the jargon and correct terms, so you can use them efficiently, as we discuss your individual questions.


Access 2010 - Business

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Class Size

To give you the best learning outcome, we try to limit classes as follows:

  • Min: 4
  • Max: 12

When a class is too large, we split it into two smaller classes. This maximizes your learning, with your co-workers and colleagues.


We make the general assumption that you’ll provide your own computer, laptop etc.

If you need to use one of our computers, please mention it when you book, as there is a nominal extra charge.

We supply everything else, including high quality printed materials.


This is a two day course. Delivered either on your site or at an off-site location.

Typically, we start at about 09:30 and work through the day until finished.

Adequate time is allowed for breaks, lunch, questions and individual tuition.

Please feel free to share this around your social networks.

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