DVANA Limited was established in 2004. In the intervening time, we have developed solutions for businesses large and small. We’ve worked in many different sectors.

The knowledge gained in all these businesses and sectors has been combined to bring unique and novel solutions to businesses.

Our Key Principles

The 3 key principles of our business are:

  • Clearly show how value is added & efficiency gained;
  • Innovate with tools & techniques;
  • Nurture the relationship & always listen.

Additional Information

See what this means in practice below.

Adding Value

At DVANA we treat every client as special, because you are! We look at your specific business, examine all the relevant details and engage with you. This is on your terms, in the way that works best for your business.

We strive, and usually succeed, in being cost neutral within 12 months of implementation. This means, our activities will pay for themselves quickly. Which gives you more time and money to dedicate to other areas of your business.

Boost Productivity


"We were in the process of updating our IT infrastructure, new server, updated software etc."

DVANA did their magic, in the process, in the five weeks it took to buy, test and install, we had saved enough to pay for all the hardware and software. Which made the new hardware and software FREE!"

"That’s a big win for us."

Contact DVANA today to see how we can make savings for you.

Innovative Tools & Techniques

DVANA is the home of GREAT.

GREAT was created to be a general business framework or tool for businesses to use day in, day out to drastically improve their productivity and profitability. We use this tool ourselves, we also certify other training providers and consultants. Running a GREAT Endeavour can save lots of time and money.

We enable all our clients to benefit from this investment in tools and techniques. The DUMP - STOP - BAR security method is another example of our internationally recognized innovation.

Boost Productivity


Businesses which use GREAT see an immediate improvement in productivity. GREAT Participants are:

  1. Happier at work
  2. More productive
  3. Contribute more to the business

This means the business is more effective and more profitable.

Contact DVANA to see how you can benift from this boost in productivity.

Listen & Nurture

To do what we do, to make your business better, we have to listen carefully to you. We ask questions, sometimes questions you’ve never been asked before. We work with the root cause, not the symptoms. This builds trust over the years.

You talk and we listen. The way it should always be!

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