Sustainable Growth

Magic = Technology + Skill + Process

Technology, skills, and process are the three most important drivers of productivity in your business. Without technology, how do you work? Without skills, how do people use technology? Without processes, how do they know what to do?

Yet too many businesses have one, maybe two, but not all three of these elements. Process is boring, skills people just magically pickup. Technology, on the other hand, is irresistibly shiny and attractive. It attracts budget.

Essentially, businesses don’t permit technology, skills, and process to work effectively and productively together. They need to take their rightful place within the business. That’s what we can change. We’re technology, skills and process specialists and we know how to get those vital functions working so they meet your commercial objectives.

There's isn’t any trick and neither it is rocket-science but there is a specific formula which we have and can utilize it to optimize your business.

Few consultancies can work with all three disciplines, this is where businesses fall-down. The close alignment of technology, skills and process support one another. All three are important, neither one is more important than the others. Together, they meet your commercial objectives as a combined force, this becomes your magic.

We'll help you discover your formula for sustainable, organic growth, whether your setup requires a part-time resource or dedicated team.

Technology is more than software and computers…

More than the obvious

So many businesses experience a technology misstep - a disconnect - meaning time and money spent on computers, software, and services don’t derive their true benefit or value:

  • Wasted time fighting the solution.
  • Systems not working as expected.
  • No support or resources for problems.
  • No productivity improvement compared to the competition.
  • Using just 5% of the capabilities.
  • No automation.
  • Muddling through, rather than charging ahead.

If this sounds like how your technology works, then we have the answer.

Skills is more than (online) training courses…

More than just winging it

Most businesses have a skills gap - meaning employees don’t have what they need to use the technology and processes effectively and profitably:

  • Lack of clarity on the best way of using technology.
  • No training on the latest technology – hardware or software.
  • Insufficient confidence in what they do.
  • Nobody to go to for help.
  • Stress causing time off.
  • High turnover of staff.
  • Productivity/efficiency lagging the competition.

If this looks like how your skills play out, then we have the answer.

Process is more than a bit of paper in a folder…

More than paperwork

Many businesses suffer from process failure - a misuse - meaning the processes don’t deliver the repeatability and ease of use the business requires:

  • Processes not followed.
  • Other processes out of date.
  • Lack of skills holding back new processes.
  • Processes holding back technology.
  • Employees doing their own thing – for speed.
  • Processes sitting in folders languishing.
  • Employees complaining about the processes.

If this sounds like how your processes function, then we have the answer.


We review your technology – from hardware, software, and cloud systems to see what works well and identify possible improvements.

Next, we gather, analyse, and finally submit our recommendations on how to improve your business. Once you have agreed with our proposals, we create a strategy, to implement those new systems:

  • Ensuring the technology supports your business.
  • Technology is appropriate for your needs – today and tomorrow.
  • Fits within your budget and operational needs.

Feed into skills and processes, to create a single unified system.


Taking a view on what works well and what needs improving. We create an action plan to improve the skills required on processes and technology:

  • Improve efficiency with current tools.
  • Put in place a plan to improve efficiency with new tools.
  • Improve the skills employees feel they need improving.

Taking on board the new processes, the technology underpinning those processes, creating the necessary training, and boosting skills to support profitability.


Review existing processes, take feedback from employees on how they work, what works well and what doesn’t. Then create an action plan to improve the processes:

  • In collaboration with employees.
  • To improve efficiency of the business.
  • To empower employees to improve the processes.

Supporting all the processes requires updated employee training, skills, technology, and support systems.

When put together, it's magic

We create an integrated system, where technology supports the process, and skills drive productivity. Enabling you to meet your commercial objectives.

We ensure the processes are efficient, easy to follow and fit for purpose. This drives employee satisfaction, diminishes quiet-quitting, stress and improves satisfaction.

When technology, skills and processes align, the business charges forward. Improving productivity and focusing on the bit that matters – the people. This is technology supporting the process, the skills making it easy and the process keeping employees happy.

This is how we create your formula for sustainable, organic growth – when done right, it looks like magic.


How do you want to work with us?

  1. You do everything, but with our guidance.
  2. Alternatively, we take the stress away from you by doing everything.
  3. Or we share the tasks.

We’ll always work together, as a team, exactly how we leave up to you, but with the magical goal of benefiting you and your business.