Commercial Grade

Don’t let your passwords be the weak link in your security link. Use DVANA 's security codebook and make your workstations and devices totally secure.

Can DVANA secure your systems for you? Yes, if you give use the chance. If you prefer to run your own security, then DVANA 's Security Codebook Std™ is your next best thing.

So why not have upto 2,000 unique, custom, commercial grade passwords, in easy to use sections? This is out of Trillions of possibilities.

This is how we do it...

  • Over 75,000 words
  • Long passwords
  • Long numbers
  • Punctuation
  • Easy to type/enter
  • Many styles - all caps, all lower, natural, sentence cases
  • 5 paper colours
  • 8 pages per section
Security Product

Security Codebook Std™

Your unique custom codebook is available for immediate download, simply:

  1. 5 sections or colours
  2. 40 pages
  3. 2,000 passwords
  4. Very Safe & Secure

Created specially for you NOW!

Secure your systems and sleep easier for only


Instant Download

Harnes the power of Kryptor7™, DVANA 's propriatory Codebook Generation System. Producing strong, secure passwords every time. But, more importantly they’re always human friendly. Secure and human friendly. How cool is that!

Trillions of combinations.
This is secure! Keep it that way!

Simple Security

Unlike passwords you crate, these have no personalization to you. No pets, no children, no first school. Nothing in fact that can be found from social media, published works, or those of your company. The codes are cryptographically random and designed to be secure against every attack vector. With the exception of a brute force attack.

The codebook uses long passwords that are easy to enter, but hard to guess. The lookup function of the system means communicating the Colour and Reference in an unsecured channel is fine. Use the password hint, email it to a co-worker. It doesn’t matter, as the password itself is never divulged.

DVANA recommend that the passwords in the codebook are utilized for workstations and devices. To secure the most high valued infrastructure components, such as routers, switches; for servers and storage appliances use the Security Codebook Pro&trade system.

Save time, save effort and keep your workstations and devices secure. Use a Security Codebook Std™ password and have peace of mind that your workstations and devices are more secure now than ever.

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Instant Download

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