A Codebook, contains a large set of secure passwords. They are printed, kept secure and only accessed and used by you. This is currently the best way to ensure all your online accounts have a strong and unique password.

Now when a system offers a password hint, you simply provide the section Colour and Reference. Or note it down in a list you keep. No hacker can access your paper information.

To make choosing the section Colour and Reference random, we provide the Passkry Selector to make your life easier.

Even the free Codebooks are generated by the Kryptor7™ military grade Codebook generator, you can get all the benefits of our military grade system in a free, compressed form.

Your Free Codebook

Your Free Security Codebook, has a total of 800 passwords in 4, 2 page, sections. WARNING: The free version is only intended for personal use. For business, financial or military use, you must use one of the other codebooks.

Make sure you are connected via HTTPS with a secure connection before creating the Codebook.

The style of the text, passwords are always case sensitive!

Sentence case
random CASE
all lower case

Please be patient, creating your unique Security Codebook™ can take a few seconds.

If you get an error stating you are not allowed to perform this action, reload the page, you can only generate ONE Security Codebook at a time. This is part of DVANA 's automated security.

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