At DVANA we realise that the security of your systems and data is of utmost importance. With that in mind, we offer a range of products and services to give you peace of mind and to enable you to sleep better at night.

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Large Orders

For large orders, where downloading and paying for Security Codebooks individually is too burdensome, DVANA now have company download system. Where individual team members are given their own claim code, can download their own Security Codebooks and then print them out themselves.

This very much simplifies the process or buying and distributing the Security Codebooks. This is another way DVANA is Building Exceptional Businesses.

New Kryptor10 Generated Security Codebooks

DVANA are pleased to announce the launch of the Kryptor10 Security Codebook Generation Engine. A press release is available. The updated Kryptor10 engine produces more complex passwords which meet all the complexity requirements a business has. The Workstation version has been designed to work well on mobile devices. This makes Security Codebooks a better investment than ever.

If PCI DSS v4.0 or below is a requirement, the your already covered, as the passwords all far exceed their requirements. The Security Codebook infrastructure also meets military requirements.

The Security Codebooks have different levels of security, as judged by password length and complexity, depending upon function. The Security Codebook Infrastructure have the longest and most complex passwords and are designed for the most critical infrastructure systems. There is guaranteed to be one that fits your exacting needs.

Find out all the details in the Security Codebook section.

3 Most Recent Articles

UK Parliament Email Hack

2017 Jun 26

A comment on the hack over the weekend on the UK parliament email system and what you can do about it.

Case Study: Security Codebooks

2017 May 22

A case study on how Security Codebooks can be used in a professional services context, with specific application to accountants. Feel free to print and distribute as necessary. (4MB pdf)

WannaCrypt Update

2017 May 14

A summary of the situation and what can be done now and in the future to protect your systems from future attacks.

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