Project Management

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Firstly, let’s define some terms; this makes it more straightforward later:


  • One off task to achieve a single goal
  • Defined start and end dates
  • Constrained budget or resources

Therefore, we can define a project to be:

A one off task, which achieves a single goal with a well-defined start and end date all within a constrained budget.


  • The monitoring of something
  • The control of something

Therefore, we can define management, in this context, as:

The monitoring and control of a project.

Project Management

Which gives us the definition of Project Management: The monitoring and control (management) of a one off task, which achieves a single goal with a well-defined start and end, date all within a constrained budget.

Now we understand the purpose of project management, it becomes clear where it can be useful and its uses.

Projects is more than tasks…


So, where should we use project management? Well, according to a definition the goal we want to achieve must have a defined start and end. This actually makes it distinct from a process, which is continuous. This means our most obvious example is in the construction of a building. Here there is a definite start and it is very clear when the building is complete. Alternatively, perhaps a more DVANA like example, the design, implementation and/or deployment of a new data processing, or business automation system.

The key thing is that project management is an ideal tool when used for the correct job.

In-House or Consultant

The answer to this question of which is most appropriate will depend upon each business and their needs. As a general rule of thumb, a consultant will bring to a project some unique experience, which might or might not be available in-house. If a business is running sufficient quantity of projects, that warrants a full-time project manager, then it makes sense to train and employ someone dedicated to that role. If not, then a consultant makes sense.

There is of course, the hybrid route, where someone works in-house and works alongside a consultant to spread the load. This can be a very good way of improving the skills and confidence of an employee, while ensuring a good outcome to the project.

Political Will

The number one reason for a project to fail is though senior management not providing the internal political will to see the project to completion.

At DVANA, we understand this necessity and know how to make sure timely delivery of the project and within the agreed budget.


DVANA use all the standard project management tools, along with some innovations of our own. Once again, the assurance you’re getting the best, thinking and practice.


As part of DVANA’s comprehensive project management services, we have a very practical professional training course, which enables someone to understand the basics and how to apply them.

Your Requirements

DVANA has years of expertise in the area of project management, from teaching at Masters Level, through the practical implementation of projects.

Whether your need is training or you need someone professional and capable of running a project on your behalf, there’s no safer pair of hands than ours.

If a full project management engagement is too much, then perhaps a GREAT Endeavour is what you need.

Your requirements

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