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Business and management consultancy DVANA, utilise their expertise to enhance your strategic and tactical planning. All of these services provide you with external and independent expertise. One without an agenda, any vested interest or any other bias. The advice and insight is truly independent and specific to your business and situation.

All too often it is difficult to separate the wood from the trees, or if you prefer the forrest for the trees. This means, that it is often hard to separate the detail from the big picture. It works in both directions, so if you have access to the big picture then often the detail is obscured to you. Conversely, those who are constantly attending to the detail usually, don’t fully understand the big picture.

This is where external consultants really shine. A good business and management consultant will be able to understand the big picture and the detail, because they are not trying to implement it at the same time. This fresh set of eyes and understanding of the business, project, department, product, service or process enables new insight into what you are already doing. This becomes the starting point for real efficiency and process gains.

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The other crucial aspect of understanding the big picture through to the detail and assuming your consultant has a broad range of business and technical skills, is the bringing it all together. Take advantage of the unique insight provided by a consultant, usually gained at many different organizations. When you integrate together updated processes and procedures, updated software and Processing Systems along with a better understanding of how to execute in an ever changing environment, real business improvement is possible.

With a complete understanding of the problem or situation, it is possible to leveraged both the detail and the big picture at once. This is particularly useful when thinking about project management and risk management. Both of these activities focus on the detail while requiring a high level understanding of the big picture.

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