GREAT Trainer

Making Practitioners


A GREAT Trainer is someone who has taken the understanding of GREAT to the next level. They have taken the time to learn how to teach GREAT.

A GREAT Trainer understands the tools and is able to show others how to apply them. They understand the significance of the journey and how it is vital to the GREAT Endeavour.

Every GREAT Trainer is registered with DVANA. Only GREAT Trainers whose registration and certification is upto date is authorised to teach at GREAT Practitioner level. You are encouraged to check the registration and certification status of your GREAT Trainer before you begin a class.

Skill is more than studying…

Who Does This Apply Too

Select individuals within:

  • A training department
  • A training company
  • A consulting company
  • A training organization


By attending a GREAT Trainer training course, either on-site at your company or alternatively at an off-site location.

Find a GREAT Master Trainer from our list of certified GREAT Master Trainers, and find one which best suits your needs. All of the registration, certification and examination is handled directly by DVANA.

Reward For Completion

Up on successfully completing the course, you will become a GREAT Trainer and be rewarded with official registration and certification. From there, you can train a GREAT Practitioner.

Record Keeping

A record is maintained of which GREAT Trainer taught you and is maintained by DVANA. Which means, you can always ask us if you forget who originally trained you. DVANA also maintain your certification, so it travels with you.