GREAT Practitioner

Making Change Happen


A GREAT Practitioner is someone who cares about their company, is passionate about doing things better and likes to make a difference.

A GREAT Practitioner will understand the tools, the journey that is a GREAT Endeavour and they will enjoy putting them into practice.

Every GREAT Practitioner will be registered and have their professional development clearly documented. Everybody in the GREAT Ecosystem can check the registration at any time. This means that only fully trained, certified and registered people may claim to be a GREAT Practitioner.

GREAT is more than planning…

Who Does This Apply Too

Everybody within:

  • A team
  • A department
  • The company
  • The organization


By attending a GREAT Practitioner training course, either on-site at your company or alternatively at an off-site location.

Find a GREAT Trainer from our list of certified GREAT Trainers, and find one which best suits your needs. All of the registration and certification is handled directly by DVANA.

Reward For Completion

Up on successfully completing the course, you will become a GREAT Practitioner and be rewarded with official registration and certification.

Record Keeping

A record is maintained of which GREAT Trainer taught you and is maintained by DVANA. Which means, you can always ask us if you forget who originally trained you. DVANA also maintain your certification, so it travels with you.