Network Systems

Creating Exactly What You Need

When you take a systems approach to the design of a system, you have the opportunity to gain the most by optimizing the different building blocks to create the most suitable solution to the task at hand.

When designing a system to solve a particular need, it is possible to optimize the networking to effectively and quickly move the data between the application server and the database system. This can be done in such a way as to increase throughput while maintaining the highest levels of availability and data integrity. The storage can be aligned with the specific access latencies of the databases, the streaming servers and the users’ applications. Giving a smooth, responsive feel to the system.

Gone are the days of having to sit and wait for the computer to catch-up. No more telling clients “The server’s a bit slow today!”, as if they care! It just makes your business look bad and if someone can step in with a better experience and make their lives easier or reduce hassle, then they’ll switch. Bring forward the benefits of a new system, with new process automation, to give your users the best possible experience and present to your clients an image of a business in control, with the information needed at your fingertips. This is what a correctly designed system provides.

When coupled with the correct business processes, the processing of the data, from the arrival at your business through to its processing in the computer systems, through to the actionable intelligence that you need to run your business better, only then can your business become the best it can be.

Systems are more than components…

To design a system, we take a holistic approach to the task at hand, ensure that the business process is optimized, because bad data, no matter how well or quickly processed, is still bad data. Work with you to create a better process, optimize the software needs and finally the correct set of platforms to create the best possible solution for your needs.

If your optimal solution needs to use On-Premises systems, coupled to multiple cloud systems, then that’s what DVANA will design. Your design criteria might necessitate the use of a dual-cloud system, where the data and processing are shared between the Azure and AWS clouds, so in the event that one has a problem, the other is able to scale and remain operating. We understand, that this is at the more complex end of the spectrum and few have a need for this kind of sophistication, but it’s important to know that this is where we operate. At the highest level producing the best possible solutions to quality companies like yours.

It is common, to implement the systems in stages, so that initially, the pilot transitions to the new system, then main production, followed by analytics, followed by advanced automation and machine learning. By rolling the system out in stages, confidence can be built, bugs ironed out and users can become familiar with a new system. This is done to boost productivity at every stage.

A complete end to end system needs to grow into the future, so provision in the architecture needs to be made to facilitate that growth. A cloud system can help with this from a low level perspective, but the system architecture and the software both need to take this into account too. While potentially complex, to those without the experience, it’s significantly more straightforward to those with the experience and the vision.

Your Requirements

The quickest and simplest way to determine your networking needs, for now and into the future, is to contact DVANA now.