Eight Ball Free

Predicting the Free Future


Peer into your future with DVANA’s Eight Ball Free. This fun application will answer those really hard questions, the ones that change your life.

Using an advanced predictive algorithm (or randomly - whichever is easier), Eight Ball Free will give you a special answer, every time you ask it a question.

The app uses nice smooth animations and will provide hours of harmless fun, with all the answers you expect.

Simply press the front of the Eight Ball and the answer will slowly reveal itself, taking away all the hassle and stress of making a decision. What can the Eight Ball Free be use for? Well, there are many different and fun uses, such as:

  • Should you have another beer or glass of wine
  • Should you watch a particular film
  • is it a good idea to have popcorn

You get the idea of the kinds of life changing decisions that the Eight Ball Free can help you with. But don’t be limited by our thinking, use it and fill out a review to show others all the cool, yet vital, questions you’ve asked and the way it helped you in your day to day decision making process.

If you need to make critical decisions in a work environment, then you need to see our Eight Ball Pro App. Designed especially for those who need all the power of Eight Ball Free, but for business!

At DVANA we create bespoke software for our clients. This is intended as a fun technology demonstrator. We create custom Windows software, for any of the Device Families or something specific to your needs.

This simple Windows 10 Universal App will run on ALL Windows 10 devices, including mobile phones, HoloLens, the Xbox, tablets, laptops and desktop devices. All with a single app. Use it with Continuum either wirelessly or wired with the docking station.

Get It Now

The DVANA Eight Ball Free is available in the Windows App store for all Windows 10 devices, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone, xBox and HoloLense.

There are ads and no user tracking.

Your Requirements

See how DVANA can create business automation or process software for you, that runs on all your devices, please contact us now.