Dead Pixel Checker

Finding Bad Pixels

At DVANA we create task specific software for our clients. To show you that we keep current, here is one of our Windows 10 & 11 programs. Please understand that these are only demonstrators. Custom Windows 10 & 11 software, for the Universal Device Family or some other Family, is specific to your needs.

It now also contains Cortana integration, so it will operate under Cortana’s control.

This simple Windows 10 & 11 Universal App will run on ALL Windows 10 & 11 devices, including HoloLens, the Xbox, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop devices. All from a single app. This is what we’re showing here.

There is also a short demonstration video of the function for those interested in the app.

Of interest here, is that the application will automatically full screen itself when running the test and then revert back to its previous size when done.

This app will be particularly useful to content creators, game developers, web designers, graphic artists and those who watch movies or view pictures and photos on their devices.

The DVANA Dead Pixel Checker is available in the Windows App store.

Your Requirements

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