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Are you a busy, on the go business executive?

Do you need to know what is happening in business and the economy?

Is your finger on the pulse?

If this sounds like you, then Business Buzz by DVANA is your one stop shop for business information and news.

Always have the latest information at your fingertips.

  • Economics news from The Economist.
  • Business news from Business Week.
  • Videos from the BBC

We have found some of the best sources of business information and put them all into a single business source, Business Buzz.

The information is updated continually.

As a bonus, there is a section of analysis and thought leadership by DVANA. We take issues relevant to business and provide just what you need to Build Exceptional Businesses. Each of the articles will link back to the original source for the story, so you can see it in its intended context with all the original supporting information.

To gain the widest possible view of the business world, it is essential to get a feel for the Business Buzz.

That is exactly what you will have. Dip into the information, read the articles in depth or simply fill that spare 5 minutes and have that step up from your competition.

With Business Buzz, you are the leader, not the follower!

At DVANA we create bespoke software for our clients. We create Windows software, to help you get through your day.

This simple Windows 10 Universal App will run on ALL Windows 10 devices, including mobile phones, HoloLens, the Xbox, tablets, laptops and desktop devices. All with a single app. Use it with Continuum either wirelessly or wired with the docking station.

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The DVANA Business Buzz is available in the Windows App store for all Windows 10 devices, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone, xBox and HoloLense. It is also available for Windows 8 & 8.1 for both desktop and mobile platforms.

There are ads and no user tracking.

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See how DVANA can create business automation or process software for you, that runs on all your devices, please contact us now.