What Is Hub 365?

Hub 365 is a suite of Windows 10 apps that DVANA  have created for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to automate simple and common tasks.

The Philosophy Is Simple

  1. take the tools that help you complete your work, quicker, easier and more reliably.
  2. Price them so well, that they become a “no-brainer” to use.
  3. Adapt and update the apps, with your feedback and update flexibly.

All the Hub 365 tools will work on your PC, laptop, tablet and Windows Phone. Anything actually that runs Windows 10.

How to Get Hub 365

You’ll need the correct apps from the suite. This means you only need to download and use the apps that make the most sense to you, your business and your co-workers. Simply click the links below or search in the Windows App Store for “Hub 365” and it will show you a full list of all the available apps.


There is no need to worry about updates, the system will automatically update itself. Should there be any issues, you’ll be notified. Generally, DVANA  don’t send out emails for app updates, as your subscription already covers the upgrades. As long as you use the Hub 365 system, you always have the latest version. The following is an alphabetical list of the currently available Hub 365 Apps.

Hub 365 Accounting

Designed specifically for accountants, the Hub 365 Accounting App enables quick, efficient document management and retrieval.

This simple document management system, allows for:

  • Easy archiving
  • Fast storage
  • Fast and flexible retrieval
  • Full management

Whether you have 1 client or 500, Hub 365 Accounting will help you manage all your client files, those sent do you, those you send out and all correspondences. They system keeps your data where you want it, allowing the collaboration you require.

Get it on Windows 10

Hub 365 Admin

Your business is controlled from the Admin App. You add your co-works to the Hub 365 system, so they can access the data, see your usage, and generally check and maintain the business.

This is a restricted access app, designed for the system manager or managers. It is required to manage and maintain the business within Hub 365.

Get it on Windows 10

Your Requirements

Give DVANA a call on 0333 006 3800  and get an account to use and try out Hub 365, during our request only phase.

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