Hardware Systems

Designed For Speed & Efficiency

Every business has a large array of hardware deployed within their organization, from servers through to mobile devices. Each of these systems needs to be optimised to gain the maximum possible benefit.

Full Range

While DVANA offers a complete range of servers, workstations and storage products, along with laptops, tablets and mobile phones, our goal is to make sure that you have the correct tool for the job. We have high quality equipment from the major suppliers, such as Apple, Toshiba, Fujitsu, HP and Dell. When we create a system for you, only the highest quality branded parts are used.

However, sometimes what you want is not available off the shelf. This is where a deeper understanding of business, hardware and performance characteristics enables DVANA to create something special. By creating something bespoke, which meets your exact performance and business criteria, you’ll get or a server or WorkStation that meets your needs at the best possible price. We can do this, because we don’t include all of the unnecessary parts, that is things you don’t need.


In the modern crowded office, there is plenty of scope for utilizing newer or more modern form factors, such as the 2-in-1, such as the iMac from Apple. But, did you know that you can have the same design, the same functionality with a Windows based system too? Or you could have a clutter free workspace, by having a powerful i7 based Desktop PC mounted behind your monitor, with wireless keyboard and mouse for a clutter free workstation? When you understand the options, there’s no limit to what’s possible.

Value is more than money…

An Example

By way of an example, let’s take our old friend the database server. If your needs are modest, then an off the shelf server will meet your needs. This has the advantage of being quick and easy. If your needs are more demanding, then by adjusting the different components, such as PCI Express Storage (solid state disk or SSD) the amount of memory and the number of calls within the CPU we can tune it, giving optimum performance. Typically, in a SQL server deployment, storage is the first bottleneck. In fact, the bottleneck is usually the so called IOPs, which is the number of input output operations per second. It is almost irrelevant how fast your hard disks are, as they are orders of magnitude slower than a solid state disk. So to create a high performing SQL server the first thing we do is replace the hard drives with SSDs. This gives an immediate boost to the IOPs and dramatically improves both the read and write performance of the system. Next, we move onto the next bottleneck and optimize that, then the next and so forth.


The key is that with a deep understanding of the conflicting variables within the server, it is possible to create something beyond the ordinary. At DVANA we have a toolbox of techniques to keep the data safe, make it fast and ensure business continuity.


With vast experience both in the design and implementation of Storage Products, DVANA are you’re go to source for expertise. Whether you are looking to install a SAN or a NAS infrastructure, then a suitable understanding of the requirements and an optimised design is essential. Many vendors will recommend a SAN or NAS solution when a NoSAN or NoNAS solution would be more appropriate, as they lack the understanding to implement something else, or they’re being paid by their storage vendor to recommend the most expensive and complex system possible.

DVANA provide consulting and delivery, so will happily design a storage solution for you, to have a 3rd party of your choosing implement. This gives you the best of both worlds, the confidence of first class design, while being sure that the solution is the best it could possibly be.


All hardware has a limited life and no amount of warrantee or care pack can solve that problem. The key, is to run the hardware for its service life and replace it in good time. This minimizes downtime, enables future planning all the while giving budgetary assurance. Currently, we recommend that after 3 years (and the hardware is written of for tax purposes) you start the planning for its replacement. With a view to having it installed within the 4 thyear.

DVANA supply a full range of extended warrantee, support and upgrade services.

Your Requirements

Your needs are unique, so are our solutions, please call 0333 006 3800 now to see how they can be cost effectively met.