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DVANA take a holistic approach to data. In this section, the focus is on the hardware that actually does the processing; the software that manipulates the data; the different forms of storage that stores the data and lastly the networking, which connects everything together.

Organizations generally are not fully aware of the intricacy and options available in respect of data collection and storage. That is where Dvana's expertize comes into play, as we create an optimized solution tailored to suit every client's requirements.

Whether you're looking for a SQL Server powerhouse, or something more modest, a Data Processing solution, which meets your exact needs, is only a phone call away.

An example

Let's take an example from the perspective of an accountancy practice who are currently running Iris on all their workstations. The central database is stored on the SQL Server Database Server. The system is been in place for several years and day-in and day-out, the volume of data stored in the system has increased dramatically. Obviously, performance drops considerably resulting in valuable professionals wasting time due to the slow processing of data.

What are the solutions? First, we need to consider that, in practice; all IT equipment has an effective life span of three years, which is only 36 months. This is from the date of purchase and not from the date of installation. Whilst the hardware might well last longer, the expiration of the warranty and benefits of tax depreciation indicate end of life.

Information is more than data…


During the intervening three years, the capabilities and functions of hardware and software will have changed significantly. Couple this with the inevitable price drop for any performance level and the new system will perform better, in many cases significantly better, than the old. Take storage, where once our highly RPM but low capacity SCSI or SAS were a good but expensive option, we can get much better performance, increased capacity all at a lower price point with the new Solid State Desks (SSD). This change alone will dramatically improve the performance of the Database Server.


Now, when combined with the improvements in the central processing units (CPU), faster and higher capacity RAM and all the improvements that go along with the improved chip sets that make up the Server, performance improvement is obvious. All modern software packages are updated typically monthly and sometimes quarterly. Each of these ongoing updates improve functionality, capabilities and, of course, take advantage of new hardware developments.

Benefit Boost

Typically, a new Database Server, as discussed, will be able to leverage the capabilities of the new database software, which, in turn, improves performance in another dimension. What we have is a positively reinforcing situation, where improvements in the software utilize improvements to the hardware. This has the additional benefit of making the organization more effective and efficient. This then maximizes the benefits of software maintenance and updates or upgrades.

Jargon Buster

This short article contains jargon and other technical concepts. Rest assured, while working with you all of the concepts and the jargon will be fully explained. Ensuring you know exactly what you're getting and how it will benefit you.

If you would like a better understanding of computing, its terms and concepts, then please consider our Master of Business Technology series of Professional Courses, available in the Courses Section.

Your Requirements

DVANA are partners with many of the world's leading hardware, software and services companies so we can give you the best solution possible for your individual requirements. To see some of our partnerships, have a look on the About Us page.

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