Kryptor9 Secure Password Generation Engine

DVANA releases new Codebook Generator.


Business and Management Consultancy, DVANA, is pleased to announce the immediate release of the new Kryptor9 Secure Password Generation Engine.

The new Kryptor9 Secure Password Generation Engine will produce PCI DSS v3.2 and Cyber Security compliant passwords, making it simple to slot into an existing environment. Security is now at the heart of all businesses; this just makes it easier and safer.

“The Security Codebooks have been available for a few years, but times change and security requirement change too. It’s now common for passwords have more complex requirements. With today’s launch of Kryptor9, we’re bringing that requirement forward and adding in new features, such as mobile friendly passwords. Making it easier than ever to be secure,” said Dr Katherine Bean PhD, managing director at DVANA.

She added, “With ever more demanding password requirements and with Cyber Essentials becoming more popular, there’s never been a better time to get your systems and processes in order.”

The Security Codebook Infrastructure, Security Codebook Server and the Security Codebook Workstation, along with the Security Codebook Free are immediately available from the DVANA website at https://dvana.com, there are links in the Security Section or at https://dvana.com/security.

Dr Bean added, “DVANA supply the tools and techniques needed to make businesses sustainable. This means being there for your clients in the future. In this case, we’re providing easy to use codebooks, which enable a business to be secure online and keep their employee and client data safe and secure, whether on-premise or in the cloud.”

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