DVANA World Wide Tweeter Software

DVANA releases another new tool to help businesses compete globally.


Business and Management Consultancy, DVANA, has announced the release of the DVANA World Wide Tweeter.

In an ever increasingly competitive environment, DVANA have made available a free trial of their latest piece of Business Automation Software. DVANA designed the DVANA World Wide Tweeter so that businesses can have their voice heard in different parts of the world, with specific messages delivered to each jurisdiction. This tool helps businesses reach their target audience via Twitter.

Managing director, Dr Katherine Bean PhD said, “As an organization we know the importance of targeting the world to make ones business/presence known globally with a relevant message and, to that end, we developed the DVANA World Wide Tweeter which has been extremely successful in respect of our own business. To that end, we have decided to make it available, via our website, initially as a free 7 day trial with limited scope/application and thereafter the complete version is available at a cost of $24.95, which includes lifelong upgrades.”

She added, “I think everyone now appreciates how important it is from both a marketing and general business perspective to be engaged on social media and we hope that this will help many SMEs to improve their global competitiveness.”

The free trial of DVANA World Wide Tweeter is accessed directly from the DVANA website at http://dvana.com/, there are links from the marketing section or at http://dvana.com/marketing/world-wide-tweeter.

Dr Bean added, “DVANA have a deep focus on the data within an organization, its security and analysis. We provide Tools, Products and Services that enable businesses globally to compete and become exceptional.”

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