DVANA Unveils TemporalDB for Big Data and Small Data

Temporal Databases revolutionize businesses use of data and databases.


At SQLBits XIV today, Business and Management Consultancy, DVANA, today unveiled a new way to look at data. The Temporal Database or TemporalDB enables access to business data at any point in time.

Dr Katherine Bean PhD said, “A Temporal Database or TemporalDB is a data store in which the data is always kept with reference to time. Data access is at a point in time. We ask the question of the data “What was it at ...?” Therefore, the business can always know how the data looked. This solves many of the data processing problems that currently exist.”

“This is a new way of looking at data and the relationships between the data, the system, and time. We think that for many applications, this will be a much better way of keeping business data safe, accessible, and just as importantly compliant. When you couple this with the other aspects of the system, it provides the Holy Grail of database function,” she added.

Dr. Bean then added, “It’s this kind of insight that we bring to all our clients. We don’t do things the old way; we do them the best way.”

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