DVANA Paves Way for New Data Relationship with Big Data

Temporal Databases revolutionize our use and understanding of data and datasets


Business and Management Consultancy, DVANA, are pleased to announce that Dr Katherine Bean will talk on a new data storage system called Temporal Databases. The session will be on Friday 6th March at the prestigious International SQLBits XIV Conference at the ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London.

Dr Katherine Bean PhD said, “With a Temporal Database, we store and access data without regard for time, the system operates at any and all time. This means, we never lose data, it cannot be corrupted or overwritten, and we can always see the state of the database at any time in the past.”

“This is a new way of looking at data and the relationships between the data, the system, and time. We think that for many applications, this will be a much better way of keeping business data safe, accessible, and just as importantly compliant. When you couple this with the other aspects of the system, it provides the Holy Grail of database function,” she added.

There are still places available at the conference and anyone who would like to see the worldwide unveiling of the detail of Temporal Databases, their implementation and application to business is more than welcome to attend. Booking is at www.SQLBits.com.

This is the second year running that Katherine has presented new thinking - this follows on from last year’s well-received presentation of DUMP-STOP-BAR, for data security.

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