Dr Katherine Bean Throws
Security Orthodoxy out the Window

When Security is this Broken, Someone, Needs to Fix IT!


For decades security orthodoxy has taught everyone, both corporate and domestic users, to treat their security like a Castle. The goal is to keep the attackers out at all costs. This strategy is creaking under the sheer volume of attacks. Every day there is a new report of a large corporation being targeted and successfully breached. While the Castle mentality prevails, IT systems will always be under siege.

In her presentation on 19th July 2014 titled “Data Security: In a Post Snowden World” at the SQLBits XII conference in Telford, Dr. Katherine Bean outlined a new way forward. In a world where a breach is inevitable, it makes sense to accept the inevitable and prepare for it. With this in mind, she outlined a framework, the DUMP - STOP - BAR system, which accepts this reality and embraces it. This makes a corporation, a business or an individual better able to recover from the inevitable with a minimum amount of disruption and down time, while reducing the chances of it happening in the first place.

This reinforces her established credentials as a security expert focusing on the needs of businesses, not just the technology. The presentation can be viewed on YouTube or from the DVANA website, where a transcript and the original slides will also be available.

SQLBits XII is the largest SQL Server conference in Europe this year. It took place in The International Centre, Telford, UK on July 17th, 18th and 19th and was the chance to learn from some of the leading experts in the world.

Katherine Bean (PhD, BEng(Hons), CEng, AKC, MIET), is the Managing Director of DVANA Limited who are Management Consultants, working with Senior Management and chosen representatives of fast growing dynamic companies building exceptional businesses by implementing new processes, procedures and utilizing technology. DVANA also provide on-site and off-site training and consulting, solving the really hard problems so clients don’t have too.

DVANA have also devised the innovative and unique GREAT Endeavour which enables those taking part to think outside the box being a method of developing and implementing new products, processes, procedures and systems. For further information on GREAT and how you can benefit, visit dvana.com.

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